To those whom it may offend….

If you would possibly be offended by a sign that says “Whites Only” or “Blacks Use Rear Entrance” or “No Irish Need Apply,” please consider being offended likewise by the one that will read, “We Do Not Serve Gays.”

In Arizona, it’s already on the way, as this article from The New York Times explains.*

Let me add:  I am a straight, Christian, creationist writer who believes in six days to make the Earth, the Flood that destroyed it, and the Second Coming of Christ.  You might, if you cared to do it, call me a fundamentalist.  And this legislation offends me.  Believe me, it does.

A business open to the public is open to the public.  Period.  And civil rights are not to be violated either as a matter of religion or whim.

*Pending Governor Brewer’s signature.


2 responses to “To those whom it may offend….

  1. Hi, LC, thanks for this. Personally, I doubt this will last long enough to be engagingly protested. But it truly is offensive and about the stupidest thing I can imagine a state government wasting its time on. The businesses who would like to operate selectively are just out of luck, in my opinion.

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