For the record

There seems to be some confusion these days as to what Christianity consists of, what Christians believe, and how they behave. This is nowhere more true than in the political arena. I do not wish to join in anyone’s political arguments or mudslinging. But, as someone who lives by the Bible and practices the Christian faith, I want to make a few clear statements, for the record.

God is not a God of coercion. He is not a God of injustice. He is not a God of cruelty. And to that end, let it be understood: torture is an act of Satan. To put a person in agony by forcing the sensations of drowning and suffocation upon them; to commit torture of any kind; to justify it, defend it or excuse it, is to blaspheme God’s character, take His Holy Name in vain, and break His commandments.

If you believe you love and follow Jesus, remember this: that when Satan could think of nothing worse to do to the Son of God, he instigated human beings to torture Him, intending to force Him to say what He would not say, and sin against His Father. God does not use Satan’s methods, and He does not excuse them.

Friends, there is a Judgment. It is not far ahead. It will be exercised on behalf of the oppressed, the discriminated, the cheated, the brutalized, the marginalized, and yes, the tortured. God, who knows when a sparrow falls, is not ignorant, and He is not indifferent to cruelty. He cannot be swayed by votes, or influenced by lobbyists. He will not hold those guiltless who take His Name in vain and call upon Him to justify their crimes.

“Cursed be he that perverteth the judgment of the stranger, fatherless, and widow.” Cursed is the one who mistreats the helpless, the vulnerable, the prisoner, the foreigner, and the down-and-out.

“And all the people shall say, Amen.”

Text from Deuteronomy 27:19, Authorized King James Version


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