I’m a writer–communication is what I do.  Let it be said, however, that I’m not very fond of meddling in public disputes.  Mostly I’d rather sit back and let the trolls sling mud at each other while reasonable people speak quietly and vote through the ballot box.  I wish that were enough.  Sometimes, it’s not; and having a voice means having the responsibility to speak up loudly, plainly, because it’s wrong to be quiet.

This blog is for people who don’t have a voice–men, women, sometimes even children, put away behind bars for crimes they haven’t commited, for being an inconvenience to their government or to someone else’s, for not being powerful enough to command justice on their own behalf.

I don’t know if it makes a difference.  I do refuse to be a silent accomplice.  I don’t care who the faulty authority is–my government or another.  If you can’t or won’t see basic justice done, I’m going to call you on that.  Whatever you do to rob somebody of their rights and freedoms, you won’t do it in my name, or with my silent permission.

Maybe if my voice is silenced one of these days, there’ll still be one more to speak up for me.  If I speak now.

*Looking forward to the time when the first, explanatory post sinks into the archives: the title of this blog is taken from Martin Niemöller’s famous remarks, now usually presented as a poem.  See several versions here.